Pony Boxes & Stables


The CAM range of stabling products is of the highest specification, manufactured from quality planed Redwood board in a tongue and groove shiplap pattern making it completely draught proof and  very attractive.  The cladding is attached with galvanised nails to a sturdy framework for rigidity and as standard a 1220mm high lining is included for additional strength, this is capped preventing anything falling between lining and exterior cladding.

The apex timber roof has 3 securely bolted trusses, raised to provide maximum headroom to a Sterling board top, this is coated in Bitumastic tar and to finish is covered with heavy duty Green mineral felt.  Our roof design also includes a canopy, underlined with Sterling board, providing additional protection in poor weather, imperative when working with horses during winter.

Our beautiful tongue and grove Redwood stable doors are fully lined with plywood and come complete with galvanised fittings.  Set into Redwood timber frames secured with aluminium dowels and with planed timber fitted to the frame inside to act as a slamming strip plus with the bottom half door frames having galvanised anti chew strips for protection they are made to withstand a long life of hard work.  Doors are usually positioned to the right of the stable and hung from the left.

Important factors to consider for stable design.  For light and ventilation there are 4 standard designs of our Redwood windows, Hopper, Opening or Louvre, each with it’s own benefits and for safety glazed with Perspex.  Just choose the one which suits your requirements best, from page 140.  Both stable ends house large Redwood ventilators built in and further natural ventilation is achieved along the top of the rear panel along the eaves.

Golden Brown Cuprinol dipped, a high grade wood preservative known for its long lasting effects and deep penetrating action offers protection against damp, rot and woodworm.

3.05m x 3.05m (10’ x 10’) height 2.29m (7’6”) Pony Box
3.05m x 3.66m (10’ x 12’) height 2.51m (8’3”) Stable
3.66m x 3.66m (12’ x 12’) height 2.51m (8’3”) Stable
4.27m x 3.66m (14’ x 12’) height 2.51m (8’3”) Stable


18mm thick boarded roof
76mm x 48mm gable trusses
100mm x 48mm raised centre trusses

19mm x 100mm Redwood board
27mm x 48mm framework

18mm x 1220mm kickboard lining

940mm wide
8mm board lining
2.32m height

Galvanised and Sheridised nails

Detailed assembly instructions
Damp Course


  • For additional warmth, security and to prevent gnawing damage, linings can be supplied to eaves height
  • For a more pleasing appearance the canopy can be underlined in tongue and groove cladding
  • Extra metal protection can be provided in the form of extended anti chew strips or sheet metal for lining doors to protect against kicking
  • Black guttering and down pipes can be supplied for extra protection to the building at the back and at the front
  • An economical alternative to the timber roof is Onduline Sheeting in a choice of 3 colours.  A virtually indestructible material with a 15 year waterproof guarantee
  • For a higher fire specification and improved decoration we can provide a coating to our timber roof of fibreglass shingles available in 4 colours and 2 shapes.  This will not blister, pimple, curl or rot

Stable interior